Gamma-ray attenuation properties carbide compounds (WC, Mo2C, TiC, SiC, B4C) using Phy-X/PSD software


  • Kadir Günoğlu Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Technical Sciences Vocational School
  • İskender AKKURT Suleyman Demirel University, Science Faculty, Physics Department


Carbide compounds, Gamma ray shielding properties, Phy-X/PSD


As a result of the increase in the use of radiation in many application areas, it has become an important need to carry out effective studies on protection from the harmful effects of radiation. The vast majority of studies on radiation protection are based on the principle of reducing and/or holding different types of radiation using a shielding material. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the gamma ray shielding properties of different carbide compounds (such as WC, Mo2C, TiC, SiC, B4C) by using Phy-X/PSD software at gamma ray energies between 0.015 and 15 MeV. To determine the shielding properties of carbide samples in the mentioned energy range, parameters such as linear (LAC) and mass (MAC) attenuation coefficients, mean free path (MFP), half value (HVL) and tenth value (TVL) were calculated.


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